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Don’t discover you need a roof repair or replacement during the next big storm. Get your FREE inspection now
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If the roof on your home or business is showing these warning signs, you’re due for an inspection:
  • Curling, broken or disintegrating shingles
  • Cracked or missing roof tiles
  • Gaps or loose material around the chimney
  • Leaks or condensation around skylights
  • Interior water leaks or water stains
  • Dark streaks or algae on roof
  • Sagging, soft or damaged roof
  • Recent signs of storm damage
  • 10-years-old or older

Whether you require residential roof replacement or commercial roof repair, our professional inspectors will provide a free inspection and a customer experience that sets us apart.

Most roofing issues are not visible from the ground and require a thorough, professional evaluation, so get a free inspection—and peace of mind.

Don’t discover you need a roof repair or replacement during the next big storm. Get your FREE inspection now.

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Trusted Roof Repair and Replacement for Houston Business & Home Owners

Commercial Roof Repair

Focus on your business or property while we handle repairs.

Commercial Roof Replacement

Get a cost-effective, replacement option with minimal disruption.

Residential Roof Repair

Get repairs for your home’s roof from a team of trusted pros.

Plus, if our team discovers storm damage, we can file a claim with your insurance company and get compensation for your roof repair or replacement.

But don’t wait; most insurance policies require you to file a claim within 1-2 years of the weather event.

Schedule your free residential or commercial roof inspection now.

Is your roof showing signs of age, damage or has it been more than 2 years since your last inspection?

If you said “yes” to even one of those questions, now is the time to find out if you need residential roof repair, commercial roof repair—or if it’s time to consider full roof replacement.

Wait too long and you may find yourself with larger, more expensive repairs—or sudden problems like water leaks, storm damage and even structural issues. Unfortunately, most roof damage can’t be seen from the ground, so issues take home and business owners by surprise.

Plus, if you’ve had storms or high wind in your area and suspect you have storm damage, you only have 1-2 years to file an insurance claim for full coverage—so an inspection is often more urgent than people realize.

During an inspection from Elevation RR, our expert will come to your home and provide a thorough, intensive inspection designed to spot problems most common in residential and commercial roofing around the Houston area.

After the inspection, our inspector will provide a helpful recommendation. Whether that recommendation is another inspection in 2 years or undertaking proactive repairs, you’ll have a customized solution that may prevent larger roof issues in the future.

Or, if it’s time for a full replacement, you’ll get a competitive, accurate quote for your residential and commercial roof replacement, whether you need replacement of your flat roof, shingle roof, tar and gravel roof, tile or metal roofing or slate roofs.

Get the confidence that your roof can keep you safe, dry and protected in any weather conditions. Schedule a free inspection now!

Have questions about your roof or how Elevation Roofing & Restoration can help?

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