Metal Roofing

As a homeowner, if you want to save money on your roofing, it would be wise to invest in premium roofing materials, especially on a metal roofing. While other roofing materials offer a usable lifespan up to 10 to 20 years, Elevation Roofing & Restoration, LLC offers a more durable metal roofing installation material that could last more decades longer as compared to other roofing materials.

Protect Increase Property Value and Home Protection

It has been frequently reported that metal roofing significantly increases the value of a property while lowering insurance rate. Furthermore, metal roofing also brings a quicker recovery of investment, as compared to other roofing materials.

Elevation Roofing & Restoration is your dependable professional metal roofing installer.

The metal roofing materials we utilize here at Elevation Elevation Roofing & Restoration, LLC has been designed and manufactured to endure even the harshest environmental setback. Our expert installers will provide you with the roofing material that will fit in any Houston region, even holding up against rain, strong wind, the heat of the sun, fire, and even falling debris.

Free no obligation residential roof estimates in Houston

Contact a Elevation Roofing & Restoration, LLC roofing specialist for a free estimate and inspection of your existing roof and for more information on metal roofing systems for your home in Houston by calling (888) 883-7663. Outside Houston, you may also seek the assistance of Elevation Roofing & Construction Of Sugar Land or Elevation Roofing & Restoration of League City.

Metal Roofing Advantages

Installed by skilled and experienced Elevation Roofing & Restoration, LLC roof technicians, our metal roofing systems provide:

  • Long lifespan - Metal roofing lasts much longer than other roofing materials
  • Unmatched durability
  • Variety of styles – Today’s metal roofing materials are similar in design to asphalt, shake, clay tile and cedar
  • Extended Warranty - Elevation Roofing & Restoration, LLC provides labor warranties and manufacturer warranties for up to 50 years
  • Impenetrable – Melting snow and ice slide off with no water infiltration
  • Ideal for isolated homes and summer cottages
  • Low maintenance

Time Tested Commercial Metal Roofing In Houston, Harlingen And Corpus Christi

With a building history that spans a century, metal roofing for commercial and industrial buildings has always been recognized for its superior durability and longevity. Offering metal roofing material that is built to last as long as 50 years, Elevation Roofing & Restoration, LLC roofing specialists offer advanced installation technology and a variety of functional styles and colors to suit any industrial environment in the Houston region.

Elevation Roofing & Restoration, LLC: advance metal roofing technology

Recognized for providing professional metal roof installation and roof repair, Elevation Roofing & Restoration, LLC continually strives to be at the forefront of advanced roofing technology providing value and high product performance.

Elevation Roofing & Restoration, LLC install metal roofing in a variety of painted, natural, metallic and premium coated finishes that include manufacturer warranties. From the traditional curved and straight-slope styles to the exceptional insulation properties of our panel systems, Elevation Roofing & Restoration, LLC can create the look your business seeks to achieve.

Industrial managers and commercial business owners in Houston call (888) 883-7663 for further information.

For Large Or Small Commercial Roofing Installations

For quick installations on a budget, our certified, insured and dedicated team is proud to have provided metal roofing systems for hotels, hospitals, schools, retails centers and industrial buildings across the Houston region.

Metal roofing benefits

  • High Thermal Value
  • Tested & Approved by leading manufacturers
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Easy Installation
  • Long–lasting
  • Recyclable

Metal roofing options

    Our team of roofing experts are available to discuss the most suitable metal roofing options for your commercial enterprise in Houston that include:

  • Standing Seam Metal Roof Panels
  • Structured Metal Roof Panels
  • Coping and Edge Metal
  • Metal Soffit Systems
  • Metal Wall Panels & Metal Siding
  • Curved Panels


Whether you need a new metal roof or just maintenance for the existing one, our contractors are ready to get to work for you as soon as you give us a call. We also cater to your other roofing needs, like those involving tile roofing, flat roofs, shingles roofs, and other types of roofing materials you may need.

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