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Reveal hidden issues, prevent worsening damage and feel confident in your roof
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8 Reasons to Book a Free Roof Inspection Now

  • ● Get peace of mind knowing your roof issafe and solid
  • ● Reveal hidden damage only experts will discover
  • ● Prevent issues from worsening with early detection
  • ● Find storm damage before insurance coverage expires (1-2 years)
  • ● Prolong full roof replacement with proactive repairs
  • ● Solve interior water damage, mold and leaks
  • ● Avoid injuries from climbing or walking on a dangerous roof yourself
  • ● Absolutely no cost or commitment whatsoever

If it’s been 2+ years since your last roof inspection or there’s been severe weather in your area, don’t wait.

“Called [Elevation] around 4pm to make an appointment for an inspection and quote, they came out the same day within 2 hours.”
- Heather G.

If the roof on your home or business is showing these warning signs, you’re due for an inspection:

  • ● Curling, broken or disintegrating shingles
  • ● Cracked or missing roof tiles
  • ● Gaps or loose material around the chimney
  • ● Leaks or condensation around skylights
  • ● Interior water leaks or water stains
  • ● Dark streaks or algae on roof
  • ● Sagging, soft or damaged roof
  • ● Recent signs of storm damage
  • ● 10-years-old or older

“[Elevation] always arrived on time, whether it was for the initial consultation or the actual day of the job. The customer service was outstanding both absolutely and relative to competitors. ”
- Nick S.

What does a roof inspection include—and why do you need one?

Your roof can be hiding major damage you can’t see from the ground—or through an untrained eye!

That’s why our roof experts conduct a meticulous inspection of your shingles, fascia, soffits, drains, gutters, vents and flashing, the most common problem areas for Houston homes and businesses.

Searching for signs of moisture, hail damage, water ingress, our roof inspectors get right down to the details, inspecting nails and adhesive for potential issues. Whether it’s a shingle, tile, metal TPO, slate, modified bitumen or built-up roof, our team knows exactly what to look for.

In many cases, our team will recommend proactive repairs to solve the issues and prolong the life of the roof. In other cases, we may recommend a full roof replacement. Either way, we’ll work with you to find a cost- effective solution and, if necessary, partner with your insurance provider on any claims.

Don’t guess whether or not your roof can weather the next storm. Get a free roof inspection now.