Can You Change The Color Of Roof Shingles?

Can You Change The Color Of Roof Shingles? 

Roofs provide a lasting impression towards visitors and bystanders. Your roof’s style, form, and color should go hand-in-hand with the architecture of your house to be aesthetically pleasing. However, roofs are not just purely an aesthetic structure but is also one of the most important components of your house.

After all, have you ever seen a house without a roof?

Your roof is the first part of the house that has to endure the different elements of nature, like rain, snow, and even hailstorms. Moreover, it can also insulate penetrative heat and cold temperatures if installed properly. One of the other ways of insulating your home without having to think of your roofing materials or even any equipment that you have on your roof is by painting your roof. There’s more than what meets the eye when it comes to the colors that you’ll be choosing. 

Can I Recolor My Shingles?

A short answer to this question is: Yes, you can change the color of your roof to meet the style and architecture of your house. Whether you’re following a certain trend or you’re celebrating certain festivities with your family and friends, painting your roof is always an option.

Factors to Consider

There are certain factors that you have to weigh-in when it comes to painting your roof. But before making any final plans on your preferred color or the type of paint you’ll be using, it’s highly recommended that you get your roof inspected for any damages first. Moreover, it’s in everyone’s best interest if this would be done during a sunny day and when your roof is dry to avoid any hazardous situations. 

Age of the Roof

Obviously, the age of your roof needs to be taken into account. If your roof is almost at the end of its lifespan or is long overdue for a replacement, then it’s best to get a new roof in place. There is no need to fret, however, since this can mean that you’ll have more opportunities to use newer and sleeker materials that will make your roof stand out. Once that’s done, you can then move on to painting your roof -or choose roof materials that are available in the color you want.

The Climate

One of the main reasons why homeowners get their roofs painted a different color is that it can help deflect excess heat or absorb the heat for better insulation. The most common rule-of-thumb is that if your house is located in an area with hot weather, such as Sugarland TX, it’s best to have a lighter-colored roof. If you’re living in a heavily snowed area, then it’s best to have darker-colored roofs that can help melt snow and absorb heat. 

Specialized Roof Paint 

Contrary to what others may tell you, it’s best to actually not use the paint that you can find at your local builder’s depot since it’s susceptible to high levels of heat. If exposed to higher temperatures, this paint can easily crack and bubble, the same can also be said about regular paint which does not easily adapt to wood, asphalt, and natural cut stone. Instead, it’s important to consult a roofer on what specialized paint will work best on your roof,

How to Change the Roof Color? 

Here is the rundown on the processes needed to getting newly colored roof shingles. As easy as these steps may sound, it is often best to get a certified roofing contractor to work on your property if you are looking to ensure quality results.

Wash your Roof

First thing’s first, washing out the dirt and debris off your roof is necessary. It’s best to use a high-pressure hose against organic growths like mold and mildew.

Cover Entryways

To avoid getting paint on your chimneys, vents, and other equipment on your roof, masking any materials that you are not planning to paint is an important step to not forget.

Coat your Roof with Roof Mastic

The first coating that has to be done is a coat of roof mastic which should be from the same roof manufacturer of the roof paint for best effect. 

Spray Roof Paint 

Finally, spray a coat of paint on your roof. If you want to have a customized set of paint, then you can let your roofing specialist know. 

Ultimately, even though there are some factors that homeowners have to pay attention to when painting their roof, it will all still boil down to personal preference. If you like light-colored paint on your roof while it’s situated in a cold climate, you can always have paint that absorbs heat. Painting roofs is not a black-and-white matter and there are lots of options to choose from. It’s best to consult your exterior designer first before commissioning the services of a professional roofing specialist to handle your roofing Sugarland TX needs.