How to Prepare Your Home For Roof Replacement in League City, TX

How to Prepare Your Home For Roof Replacement in League City, TX

How to Prepare Your Home For Roof Replacement in League City, TX

How to Prepare Your Home For Roof Replacement in League City, TX

It can be a very exciting experience to get a brand new roof. Pets and kids might be in awe as they watch the roofers rip, tear, nail and haul. They might want to get as close as they can to the action. Of course, that is a very dangerous thing for them to do. As soon as the roofing company workers show up, your home is transformed into a work zone. And as you know, a work zone has many unexpected hazardous that need to be accounted for.

The priority of Elevation Roofing is to make your roofing League City TX replacement experience as seamless and stress-free as possible. However, here are some important preparations and major safety precautions that need to be done in order to ensure that you are 100% prepared for your project.

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The following are 10 tips to help to ensure that your roof replacement project is a smooth one. Ultimately, we really want your entire family to remain safe whenever the shingles start flying around.

10 Tips to help you prepare for a roof replacement on your house:

1. Take your pets and children into consideration

Have a discussion with your children and explain to them that certain parts of the yard and house are going to be off-limits to them until the project is finished. Since pets and young children might not understand the dangers involved, you might want to visit friends or family while the roof on your house is being replaced.

2. Move your cars

Throughout the day your contractor is going need to be able to quickly access their truck and tools. They will also need an area for loading shingles and also debris. Your vehicles need to be kept a safe distance away from these areas until the work is finished.

3. Take decorations of your walls

Vibration from machines and hammers on the roof can travel through some of the walls in your house, especially when there are repairs being done on the existing roof deck. As a precautionary measure, take any decorations off of the walls that are not secured permanently with screws. To play things safe you might also want to take down any chandeliers or other decorative light fixtures.

4. Cover up items in your attic

Throughout the roof replacement process, there will be many installers who walk across your roof and pound with their hammers. Small debris and dust will end up falling into the spaces of your attic throughout the new roof installation process.

5. Move patio furniture and grills out of the work zone area

The best place for storing outdoor items such as lawn ornaments, grills, potted plants, and patio furniture while your new roof is getting installed is in your garage or storage shed. If you don’t have any storage available, then you can place those items together in part of our yard that is a safe ways away from your work zone. One thing to be aware of is that most contractors won’t help to move your personal items that are outside or inside your house.

6. Before the construction starts mow your grass and prune the trees

You will need to trim any tree branches hanging close to the roof before your roofer League City TX contractor can start to work. Drop clothes should be used by your contractor to protect your grass and plants that are close to your home’s perimeter, but you still need to mow the lawn before your construction project starts.

7. Identify several power outlets that are accessible for the project

Your contractor is going to need to have access to one or more electrical outlets while working on your project. Exterior outlets are preferable, but the second-best option is a garage outlet. Extension cords can be a tripping hazard, so try to select an outlet in a place without a lot of foot traffic if possible.

8. Take down any satellite dishes or antennas that are in the way.

If there are any satellite dishes or antennas on top of your roof or close to it, you should remove them. Call your satellite or cable company to arrange to have that done before the roof work starts. It the unit is an old or non-working one, most roofing contractors will remove and dispose of it.

9. Inform your neighbors

Make sure to tell your neighbors about the working you are planning to have them. Give them the anticipated time frame for your roofing League City TX project’s duration. They will be happy to know. That will give them a chance to adjust their situation and schedule so they can be the most comfortable while your work is being done.

10. During the construction process be very aware of all of your surroundings.

Construction at your house can involve unexpected obstacles being created. Construction equipment and extension cords that are not usually there can create chances for you to really injure yourself. During this time stay extra alert in order to prevent any avoidable injuries from occurring.