How Long Do New Roof Shingles Settle in League City TX

How Long Do New Roof Shingles Settle in League City TX

How Long Do New Roof Shingles Settle in League City TX

Roof shingles are actually the flat, or sometimes curved, tiles that are installed in an overlapping manner on roofs. The way these are placed creates a way for water to easily slide down. This avoids water pooling which can cause major water damage to your roof and your home. In terms of materials, roof shingles are manufactured from a diverse set of materials that have different costs, weights, strengths, colors, and styles. Depending on what your home’s architectural style is and what your personal preferences are, there are actually many different roofing materials that you can use. 

do new roof shingles settle

Shingles are usually only installed on pitched roofs. Flat roofs, although they are not completely flat, are low-slope roofs that are unable to provide enough of an incline to allow water to run off with the use of gravity. Other materials are usually employed over flat roof installations. You also may have heard people use the terms “shingle” and “tile” interchangeably. There is very little significant difference between the two so it’s best not to confuse yourself with such details. 

Factors To Consider

When considering shingle roofs, because the tiles or shingles are installed one by one, it may take some time for them to completely settle in. One of the things to consider is the type of material used, the adhesive used, and the weather.


There are many different kinds of roof shingles available. Some of the most common materials include asphalt, vinyl, wood, and cement. Asphalt shingles are definitely one of the most common roofing options in League City TX. One of the reasons behind this is that these tiles are a more economical option because they are quite affordable. Aside from the cost, they also provide a lifespan that could last up to 30 years if installed and maintained well. Asphalt shingles are also a bit easier and quicker to install than the other shingle materials. However, asphalt shingles may take a while to settle, especially in cooler weather.


In order to install shingles, a layer of adhesive is usually laid out. Most shingles already have a preset adhesive coat on one end to make installation easier. However, cooler temperatures often cause this self-adhesive to not work as well. Thus, other methods, such as coating extra adhesives on or nailing the tiles down, are the best ways to finish the project.


Roofing is usually not recommended during cold seasons because of many things. For the contractors, it can be a dangerous feat with the threat of ice which might lead to someone slipping and falling from the top of your roof. Aside from the safety hazards, the materials also become brittle in the cold and are more prone to damage. The self-adhesive strips become ineffective as well.

Wavy or Warped Shingles – Shingle Bundle Distortion

If you notice that the newly installed shingles look a bit warped or look wavy, then this can mean either of 2 things. First is that the shingles may not have been installed properly. Without the expertise of a professional roofing contractor League City TX, roofs can become defective. Its best to get a skilled team to avoid such problems. On the other hand, it is also likely that the new shingles just haven’t settled into the structure. Its best to give it some time before worrying about having to do urgent repairs on your new roof.

If you’re putting up asphalt shingles, they have a self-adhesive strip on the back. This is a strong adhesive that is activated in warmer weather where the heat melts it down and makes the shingle stick to the roof. This works even better during hot weather where the sun’s rays can hit the shingles directly. Depending on the weather, the adhesive strip might take a while to melt down. Before it does, the roof shingles probably look uneven. 

This is also caused by shingle bundle distortion when the shingles have conformed to the shape in their bundle. Shingles aren’t able to lay flat right after installation because they still retain the same shape and curvature as when they were manufactured and stored in bundles. Because they are tightly packed together, the actual shape is distorted. This is often times not a big problem because the shingles are likely to flatten out over time.  

If you are still worried about when your roof shingles will settle, talk to your roofing contractor. You can rest assured that after a few weeks, your roofing League City TX will be laid out flat and evenly.