Roof cleaning chemicals

Roof cleaning chemicals

In Texas, your roof can be hit by hours of intense sunlight, soaked by heavy rainfall and other debris. Also, the coldest season of the year can bring algae, humidity, and ice dams.

If your roof appears dark or discolored in some areas, it may be time to clean it. Cleaning your roof is an excellent way to remove dust, plant life, mud, and other debris before it ends up in your drainage system.

Below you can find the best chemicals to clean your roof:

Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach)

Sodium Hypochlorite is the best roof-cleaning chemical. In addition, this magic ingredient will give immediate and long-lasting results.

Trisodium phosphate (TSP)

As the name says, degreasers can clean up grease. This inorganic compound can also work as a building material, stain remover, and cleaning agent.

Zinc Oxide

Spreading Zinc oxide powder on your roof can be an excellent alternative to kill moss, algae, and all the other plant life.


The best way to clean asphalt shingles is to use vinegar. If the fungus has already affected your shingles, you can dilute vinegar in dish soap and use it to clean the affected area.

As we've already outlined, extreme weather and aging can cause superficial and structural damage, but periodic roofing maintenance is an excellent way to prevent further damage.

If you believe inspecting, cleaning, and repairing your roof may be too risky, hiring a professional roofing contractor is your best bet.

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