Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacement?

Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacement?

Should I Stay Home During Roof Replacement?

The process of replacing a roof can be a momentous part of a homeowner’s life. However, replacing a roof can be a big investment since you’ll have to use time, energy, and resources in making sure that your roof is installed correctly and properly. 

Most homeowners usually ask the question:

“Where will I be staying when my roof is being replaced?”

In most cases, people would live for a few days in a friend’s house, or maybe rent out a place for a couple of days. However, there are also some homeowners who would rather stay at home. There are a few advantages to staying at home during roof replacements. However, there are certain measures that need to be taken in order to ensure your safety. 

Before we get into what we can do to protect ourselves and the interiors of our house while our roof is being replaced, we have to first weigh-in on whether it’s appropriate to be staying in your home when your roof is being replaced.

Why Should You Stay at Home?

Although people would rather go live in a different place when their home is being renovated, there are also some advantages to staying while your roof is being replaced.

Can Help Save Money 

One of the main reasons why homeowners would choose not to stay somewhere else when their roof is being renovated is that it can cost an extra amount of money, time, and energy. If you can manage the noise, falling hazards, suspended air particles and dust, then you’ll be able to save money that would have gone towards renting a place for a couple of days. Normally, a roof replacement will take a week on average, so expect around 7 – 10 days for your roof to finish. 

Cleaner Home Interior 

Being inside your home means that you can move your furniture and other objects to places that are not susceptible to debris. It’s best to move your furniture to the garage. If you’re confident that it won’t rain for a couple of days, you can also move your furniture outside. While that’s happening, you can also clean your home interior so that you won’t have to do it right after the roof replacement is finished. 

Why Shouldn’t You Stay at Home? 

No Protection From the Elements

If you plan to live under a roof that’s being constructed, get yourself some protection from the elements, especially from the rain. If you’re living in an area with higher levels of precipitation, you have to expect that it will at least rain once in a week, and since a roof replacement will usually take a week on average, it’s best to come prepared. 

Lack of Privacy

One of the nuances of living under a roof that’s under work is that there will be people on the top of your roof. As such, they will be able to hear and observe you as you go on with your daily life. While contractors only stay within areas where access is necessary for renovation, it can still be difficult for some homeowners to have random people on their property.

Hazardous Debris

If you have children inside your home, it’s best to orient them on what’s happening. It’s also highly recommended that you give them helmets and equipment that will protect them from falling debris. Additionally, it’s recommended to wear masks while the replacement process is happening as there will be dust and other different particles suspended in the air. 

Noise Pollution

When your roof is being worked on, there will be loud noises that will come from the banging of hammers, whizzes of drills, and buzzes of saws. If you’re looking for a quiet and serene place to work, then it’s best to go somewhere else when your roof is being worked on.

If you do plan to stay at home, it’s best to make the necessary preparations to protect yourself from the different things that involve a roof replacement. It’s also highly recommended to have some equipment ready that will help limit exposure of certain harmful chemicals and materials to you and your family. 

Ultimately, you don’t really have to stay in your home while your roof is being replaced; it’s noisy, there’s going to be debris everywhere, there’s going to be a mess, and there’s going to be dust. But if you really want to just stay at home or if you have no other choice, then it’s best to prepare for it first. Safety should be your priority, especially when you have ongoing projects on your roofing Sugarland TX.