Standing Seam Metal Roof vs Regular Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof vs Regular Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roof vs Regular Metal Roof

standing seam metal roof vs regular metal roofWeather in Houston TX can be unpredictable; one day you’re just bathing from the sun’s warm rays, then after a few seconds you’re soaked from heavy rains. It’s no wonder why most roofs in our country are made out of some of the most durable materials. However, some roofing materials are specifically tailored towards a certain climate and most aren’t versatile enough to withstand impacts from hailstorms or even high winds. 

If you’re going to ask a roofing contractor, they’ll say that certain roofing materials might be cheap, but they won’t hold out against some of the elements of nature. Just like asphalt shingles which are widely products, cost-effective, and can be easily replaced. But if you’re going to compare asphalt shingles to other products which are relatively expensive in the market, asphalt shingles will only last you 15 – 20 years. 

Metal roofs were the answer to the delicate and short-lived nature of most roofing materials in the market. Over the last few years, residential homes and commercial buildings have been phasing out shingles and other conventional roofing materials for metal roofing. The versatile nature of metal roofs can easily cut down on energy costs and can even withstand some of the strongest winds which could go up to around 135 miles an hour. 

Standing seam metal roof

This type of roofing isn’t just popular in the United States but is also widely used in many regions around the world for being one of the most adaptable and versatile roofing material that you can find.  The ‘standing’ nature of the seams of this metal roof gives it more durability against flowing rainwater, impacts from hails, and more wind-resistance against strong winds. Aesthetically, standing seam metal roofs are known for giving homes a more modern look while also maintaining a more minimalist stance. The sleek and long vertically-raised seams can easily draw the attention of passers-by and give a good first impression of your home. 

In terms of cost, standing seam metal roofs are considerably more expensive than any other roofing material that you can find in the market. 

Regular Metal Roof

This type of roofing is also called corrugated metal roofs and is one of the most common materials that you can find in the country and all over the world. Since it is widely manufactured, most people would know this as the metal roof with alternating S-shaped ridges. 

Which is Better?

If you’re going to disregard the cost of the material, standing seam metal roofs are by far the better material of the two. The vertically raised seams of the standing metal roof can improve the overall durability and weatherproof capabilities of the material. In terms of aesthetics, corrugated metal roofs are known for being less formal and having less ‘finesse’ compared to standing seam metal roofs which have sharp and sleek motifs. 

However, if you’re on a budget and you’re looking for cheaper materials, then contractors would recommend that you use corrugated metal roofs since they can also get the job done like standing seam roofs. 


Wind Resistance

In terms of wind resistance, standing seam metal roofs take the cake as one of the best roofing materials in withstanding high winds. Being able to withstand 135 miles an hour means that it is ideal for homes that are situated in coastal areas or within the path of storms. Corrugated metal roofs can also hold its ground against some of the strongest winds in the same way that standing seam metal roofs can, but will require regular maintenance and repair so that the fastenings won’t come off. 


Since we are discussing metal roofs, the question of “Will this material rust?” will eventually come out. Standing seam metal roofs are usually coated with a special type of paint that will make it resistant to the effects of rust. 


The lifespan of a roof will naturally depend on the material that’s being used. A good indicator that a roofing material will have a good lifespan is the quality of it; more expensive materials tend to have a higher lifespan. Moreover, having a warranty that will last more than decades means that the manufacturer is confident that the material will last a long time under the right conditions. 

The market has been enjoying the resurgence of metal roofing. Whether you’re using standing seam metal roofing or your regular corrugated metal roof, metal roofs can make the installation process of your home easier while deflecting the different elements of nature off of your roof. In terms of cost, corrugated metal roofing is closer to the price of shingles while standing seam metal roofing tends to have a heftier price. Both types of materials are quite common when used in roofing Houston TX.