Author: Clay Broadwater

Standing Seam Metal Roof Hail Damage

The main purpose of your roof is to keep you safe from rain, high winds, snow, and even fires. However, not all roofing materials in the market are strong enough to stand against certain factors. In most cases, a person that’s walking on your roof has to tread lightly so that he won’t break any of the shingles. If shingles and other roofing materials are susceptible to varying degrees of damage, then these materials would be easily devastated with hailstorms.

Can You Put Shingles On A Wet Roof?

Houses have long been used as a primary means of sheltering us from the different forces of nature. Whether we’re protecting ourselves from rain, snow, scorching heat, or even hailstorms, we owe it all to our roofs for keeping us safe and away from the elements of the weather. However, not all roofs last forever, and sooner or later these roofs will eventually give in to age and damage.

Different Low Pitch Metal Roof Options in League City TX

A roof’s pitch refers to the level of incline in relation to the length of the roof. The higher the roof, the higher the slope of the structure. While most people use the terms “slope” and “pitch” in the same way. Slope actually refers to the angle of the roof covering whereas pitch pertains to the roof deck itself. However, since the slope of the roof is dependent on the pitch, the 2 terms refer to basically the same thing when the same roof is being talked about.

How Long Do New Roof Shingles Settle in League City TX

Roof shingles are actually the flat, or sometimes curved, tiles that are installed in an overlapping manner on roofs. The way these are placed creates a way for water to easily slide down. This avoids water pooling which can cause major water damage to your roof and your home. In terms of materials, roof shingles are manufactured from a diverse set of materials that have different costs, weights, strengths, colors, and styles. Depending on what your home’s architectural style is and what your personal preferences are, there are actually many different roofing materials that you can use.

Picking Out The Best Wood For Fascia Board in League City TX

You can usually find fascia boards installed along the exterior edge of a roof. These are long and elongated boards that are placed at the area where the roof is connected to the outerwall of the property. Its main purpose is to protect and cover up the roof ends. Another function of these boards is to hold and secure the gutters. Usually, fascia boards are installed directly below the rain gutters and are connected to the soffits.

How to Prepare Your Home For Roof Replacement in League City, TX

It can be a very exciting experience to get a brand new roof. Pets and kids might be in awe as they watch the roofers rip, tear, nail and haul. They might want to get as close as they can to the action. Of course, that is a very dangerous thing for them to do. As soon as the roofing company workers show up, your home is transformed into a work zone. And as you know, a work zone has many unexpected hazardous that need to be accounted for.