Caring for Houston Roofs during Winter

Since a strong roof will protect your home and family from the outside elements and damage, every homeowner must take the time to maintain their roofs in optimal condition. Now that the weather is cooling down, you may be wondering how to prepare and maintain your home for the upcoming winter season.

Waterproofing your roof

Since roofs are continually exposed to damage and extreme weather events, it is essential to keep up with periodic roofing maintenance. There are so many ways to protect your roof, but adding a waterproof membrane is an excellent strategy for maintaining the entire facility.

Winter roofing issues

The weather in Texas is unpredictable!!! While we don't typically have snow in Houston, we may be dealing with wind, freezing rain, and ice during this winter. Both ice and rain can damage your roof and gutters, so it is time to prepare your property for the upcoming extreme weather events.

How Long Do New Roof Shingles Settle in League City TX

Roof shingles are actually the flat, or sometimes curved, tiles that are installed in an overlapping manner on roofs. The way these are placed creates a way for water to easily slide down. This avoids water pooling which can cause major water damage to your roof and your home. In terms of materials, roof shingles are manufactured from a diverse set of materials that have different costs, weights, strengths, colors, and styles. Depending on what your home’s architectural style is and what your personal preferences are, there are actually many different roofing materials that you can use.